You currently steward (an) (evolved) idea(s)?

Dear FAMILY-member,


If above question for you has a 'yes' answer, suggestion to continue reading (and/or if applicable: listening)

You've 'landed' here and perhaps asked yourself:

"What is this 'resume with idea' about?

Allow me to try to explain some of this 'resume with idea' to you?

Still here?


Related to your stewarded (evolved) idea(s) perhaps you would, if able, start:

  • (more attractive) paid employment
  • a company
  • expansion of existing company/-ies
  • another company
  • One of following situations:

  • you are employed, without 'own' company
  • you are employed, with 'own' company/-ies
  • you are unemployed (without financially paid employment)
  • You probably steward multiple (evolved) ideas, related to one or more of following example matters:

  • relationships
  • nourishing (food (meals)/drinks/(body) care)
  • clothing
  • traveling
  • habitation
  • gardening
  • employment
  • education
  • Following can be related to above matters:

  • Beings
  • communications
  • actions (also events)
  • things.
  • Existcore approach is to try to go PEACE-course, FAMILY-Community-oriented.

    If you steward FAMILY-Community-oriented ideas, or receive one or more later, you are invited to do something with your idea: sharing

    If you participate and try to send your resume with idea(s) (in English language, pdf-format) and what you sent passes moderation, momentarily at Existcore following intention:

  • publish (evolved) idea(s) with resume, accessible to 'Existcore member companies'-related people
  • That perhaps results in:

  • (more attractive) paid employment
  • partnership(s) with Existcore member company/-ies
  • a sense of relief related to sharing (a) stewarded (evolved) idea(s)
  • At Existcore there is no intention to 'grab' and sell your (evolved) idea(s).

    If you feel moved/called to proceed with Existcore, you can try to send your resume with (evolved) idea, via:

    'resume with idea' form

    by Existcore

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